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Crane Copper Tube has an international reputation as an innovative, dependable and high quality producer. The company, which is wholly Australian owned, commenced operations in 1959 with a commitment to the customer and a desire to remain at the forefront of manufacturing technology - a philosophy which continues today. The result is a world class manufacturing facility at Penrith, New South Wales, which is able to satisfy individual customer requirements in a global market.

 Crane Copper Tube market which includes application in:
• Water Supply
• Drainage and Sanitation
• Gas Reticulation
• Refrigeration
• Heating
• Air Conditioning
• Electrical Componentry
• Automotive Instrumentation
• Medical Gases
• General Engineering

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 Some of the sizes that we supply:
 1/ 4 " x 0.56mm x 15m
 1/ 4 " x 0.61mm x 15m
 3/ 8 " x 0.56mm x 15m
 3/ 8 " x 0.61mm x 15m
 1/ 2 " x 0.56mm x 15m
 1/ 2 " x 0.61mm x 15m
 5/ 8 " x 0.61mm x 15m
 3/ 4 " x 0.61mm x 15m
 3/ 4 " x 0.71mm x 15m

 We also have many others copper tube sizes not listed above.

 Beware of immitation product! !

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